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Our property makes a wonderful place for bird enthusiasts, where birds can be spotted from the comfort of their private deck or while taking a trek in the forest. Early risers will be welcomed with the sounds of melodic bird songs and calls. And try standing still in the forest, and the air around you will soon be filled with the chirping of a multitude of birds. 

Many regular and migratory birds have made our property their home. We will be excited if you spot any that are not on the list below, so please let us know. A quick birding tip is to follow the sound of the bird to see the bird! You can hear the sound of each bird by clicking on the sound symbol below.

Regular Sightings Occasional Sightings  Migratory
Cattle Egret
White backed Vulture
Leggar Falcon
Blackwinged Kite
Common or Gray Quail
Painted Bush Quail
Gray Junglefowl
Crow-Pheasant or Caucal
Whitebreasted Kingfisher
Blackheaded Yellow Bulbul
Jungle Nightjar
Large Green Barbet
Emerald Dove
Indian Great Horned Owl
Malabar Whistling Thrush
Blue legged Bustard Quail
Redwattled Lapwing
Crimson breasted Barbet
Besra Sparrow-Hawk
Neelgiri Wood Pigeon 
Green Imperial Pigeon
Indian Drongo-Cuckoo
Malabar Gray Hornbill
Redwiskered Bulbul
Longtailed Shrike
Tree Pie
Pale Harrier
Golden Plover
Ruff & Reeve
Small Green Bee-eater
Indian Pitta
Yellow Wagtail
Indian Myna
Rufous Babbler
Paradise Flycatcher
Verditor Flycatcher