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  1. Are your rooms air-conditioned? 
    We are an eco-friendly property and we generate all our electricity through wind and solar power. We try and reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible and therefore we do not have air conditioners in any of our accommodations. Rest assured that due to the height of your machans and the natural ventilation, the need for an air conditioner is questionable. Also please note that the weather is pleasant year round as we are situated 3,000 ft above sea level.
  2. Are mosquitoes an issue? 
    Mosquitoes are primarily ground-breeders and have a short breeding season (post-Monsoons). The height of our Machans is the main deterrent. Additionally, each of the machans and cabins are netted and there are All-Out plug-ins right next to each of the beds.
  3. Is there a swimming pool at the resort? 
    We do have a seasonal dam that fills up in the Monsoons and acts as a natural pool for our guests during the Monsoon season. Unfortunately, we do not have a year-round swimming facility at the moment.
  4. What activities do you have on your property? 
    Please do take a look at our Suggested Activities page under The Experience section on our website. It will give you a plethora of options of what our guests like to enjoy on and off our property. In short, we are a Nature based resort and focus our activities on the outdoors.
  5. Are there any low tariff dates during the year? 
    Our weekday rates are approx. 20% lower that our weekend rates and we do offer single-night packages on weekdays compared to the two-night minimum on the weekends. Due to our small size, our rates are set at the beginning of the year and remain flat throughout, except on certain long weekends or holidays such as Diwali, Christmas & New Year's.
  6. Do you allow pets at The Machan?
    As much as we love the outdoors and animals, we have a no pet policy at The Machan.  Since we are located on a 25-acre forested property, their safety in the wilderness is of utmost importance to us and without a permanent vet on the property, we are unable to compromise on that for that self same reason itself.  In the meantime we would suggest checking www.collarfolk.com for their pet friendly suggestions.
  7. Directions on how to reach there? 
    We are located 17 kms south of Lonavala, on the way to Sahara Aamby Valley, just 8 kms before them.
    Please check out the Driving Directions section listed on our website for a Google Map and a printable version of the same.
  8. How long would it take to reach from Mumbai or Pune? 
    We are located approx. 2.5 hours from Mumbai (120 kms from Juhu) or 1.5 hours from Pune (80 kms). As soon as you exit the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and start to head into Lonavala, we are only about 17 kms from there.
  9. Can a car pickup be arranged for me and my family? 
    Unfortunately, we currently do not provide any pick-up services from Mumbai or Pune. If you are looking to take public transportation to Lonavala, our Reservations Executives have the numbers of a few travel companies that guests have used in the past for pick-up & drop-off services. Feel free to speak to them at +91-7666-MACHAN (+91-7666-622426).
  10. What are the mobile networks that are available there? Do you have Wi-Fi? 
    Due to our remote location, network connectivity (both phone & internet) is sporadic on our property, especially in the Monsoons. The networks that occasionally have connectivity are Idea & Vodafone.  We have installed signal boosters in two designated areas that enhance the signals for Idea & Vodafone. We currently do have Wi-Fi services available onsite at a nominal charge.
  11. What about my Lunch/Dinner? 
    We do not run a restaurant on our property since we only cater to our residents. For Lunch & Dinner, we have rotational daily set menus, served buffet-style, which can be ordered in advance. Rates for meals are as follows (exlusive of taxes, GST 12%):
      Meal Charges  
    Lunch Rs. 990/-  
    Dinner Rs. 990/-