Guest Comments

Date of Stay: 14th - 16th February, 2014

The dining area is a wonderful sit out (especially the fire place).The choice of food, though limited, is very tasty. We loved the starters & chilly-cheese toast (had it 5 times!!!). We will recommend this place to others and will be back ourselves some time soon.

Preethy Jagaannathan

Date of Stay: 13th - 14th February, 2014

Very delightful place, calm and serene; an awesome break ... like a holiday with loads of wonderful memories.Thanks for the hospitality *****
They say your mood suggests your song... and we can't stop singing "If you are happy and you know it... clap your hands...Say hurray!!
Happy Valentine's
Loved every bit of IT!!!

Deepa Calcuttawala

Date of Stay: 12th - 13th February, 2014

Once in a lifetime experience at The Machan.We planned to be here on our anniversary and this place made it more special. The beauty, peace, hospitality, the machan, forest, food, weather everything was just so perfect.We loved it to be here and surely had a great time.
Thanks a lot.

Ishita & Vikram

The Machan is an awesome getaway from city life.Nestled in a forest, it brings us close in touch with Nature.We were put up at the Forest Machan & it offered a breathtaking view of the forest, the valley & the mountain. The Machan itself is so perfect with well appointed interiors & an awesome bathing areas - worth spending the whole time indoors. But a visit here would be incomplete without indulging in the outdoors. We had a wonderful trek, spending time in the real machans, set up along the trail, and then appreciating the flora along the way. All in all, this has been one of the most wonderful experiences of our life. This wouldn't have been possible without the excellent service from each of the Machan team.Thank you tons.

Rohan Pokhare

Would definitely vouch that this is one such place that connects you to Nature far from all the worldly things. The comfy setup was a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend everyone to visit this place. The flora & fauna of the location is spectacular and the evening walks into the woods is a pleasant experience. Looking forward to come back and staying at the Forest or Heritage Machan

Amol Gavali

Date of Stay: 10th - 12th February, 2014

To describe in one word, I would have to say 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius' (understandable to people who have seen the movie Mary Poppins)! About the location and setup-very apt, machans actually nestling amidst dense forest canopy. About the food, the fixed menu is good because the quality is really really good. Keep it up!! The staff is to be commended for their courtesy. They are super helpful and very friendly.
A repeat visit is in the offing!!

Priya & Sachin

Date of Stay: 31st January - 2nd February, 2014

"VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR" to the entire Machan Team.
One of the best experiences for my family to begin the year 2014, for this place is close to nature and am very pleased to know that for power generation this place is so natural which is commendable.
We can have fun without TV, A/Cs and other man made stuff. For we did have fun and will look forward for a stay another time soon!

Vishal Gupta

Beautiful structures melting into the surroundings. Superb friendly service makes it a unique relaxing experience of a lifetime. I really enjoyed being here. Not to mention the settings for the lunch, the nature walk, the staff (who really go out of the way to meet all your needs) and klutz who adds to the whole feel. Could go on and on.....

Antara Dave

Our second time here and what can we say-it continues to charm and stay mysterious. Love the fact that the only sounds and sights that greet us is that of the birds, windmills, rustling of trees and the voices of the wind. The entire staff deserves a special mention. Friendly yet non-obtrusive... super staff! And always, a complete pleasure to have the VIP of the place - Klutz visit us! The pages in your diary seem to be filled with requests for adventure sports etc. and we truly hope that request is not adhered to. While we do wish 'Machan' flourishes, we don't want it commercialized. Look forward to many more beautiful memories celebrating life the way it is meant to be here at 'Machan'.

Prajit Nair

One of the most serene & beautiful places we have visited. Beautiful and out in the lap of nature. We brought our 7 month old with us & the staff were absolutely great and were able to cater to all we needed. An absolute retreat to refresh your soul in a completing nature and virgin environment.


Date of Stay: 28th January - 29th January, 2013

Beautiful rooms, our 1st time here but money well spent. Very close to nature. No TV, internet or even mobile range so no disturbance. Best place to get some peace with your loved ones. Staff is very friendly & ready to help at any time. Availability is good without any delays. Food is very nice & homely. Buffet having variety to choose between Indian & western dishes. All in All, 5 star rating & hope to come back again.


Date of Stay: 26th January - 28th January, 2014

Beautiful Room, Great Views. Experiencing nature with the basic comforts in place. The food was simple but delicious - an extension of the home kitchen making it tasty & nutritious. The little lunch area in the middle of the forest was simply awesome - so was the lazing on the Machan. But the one thing that made our stay truly special - "The STAFF" - very courteous & ever present. An amazing experience.... a lifetime of memories....

Sonali Awasthi

Three Cheers to the MACHAN!!! When we told our friends back in Bombay that, we are going to 'The Machan' for the weekend they said "whatever will you do there?" But the whole idea is to do NOTHING... and that is a very fine idea. We stayed in the spectacular 'C - 2'. What a breathtaking view!!! Beautiful, rustic rooms, fabulous staff & service and awesome weather. To top it all up SPECTACULAR food, totally home styled. The cherry on the top is that gorgeous fireplace. We could have spent many a evenings by its side. We have had the most delightful '3' days and we have to come back for that Cottage in the Woods.

Roshni Anand

Date of Stay: 25th January - 27th January, 2014

To arrive at the Machan just a couple of hours after leaving the thick of the city, fills us with hope! What a gorgeous property and how beautifully each Machan/ Cabin/ Canopy is nestled not with a good view of nature, but in the midst of it. To wake up to the rustle of leaves and birdsong, is pure luxury to urban animals - we're very grateful!! We really enjoyed the nature walk with your knowledgeable guides, the kids (and us) loved the trampoline, the thoughtful placements of yoga mats in the rooms. There are so many small details here that transform this from being just a 'hotel' to something more. Food was good and thanks to room service for being very accommodating with the kids menus! We will be back again and again!

Tara Sahgal

Date of Stay: 23rd January - 24th January, 2014

AWESOME Sometimes experiences explain meanings of terms one otherwise seems to just know about. The stay at the Machan is one such experience that explains - "AWESOME". It is a new benchmark for us amongst all the places we have stayed globally. The food, the housing and the weather are all so nice. But what made it totally awesome is the people here. The entire crew did a Good Job!

Neena & Vivek

Date of Stay: 22nd January - 24th January, 2014

There are a lot of wonderful aspects to The Machan which are quite hard to describe. But there are few points that go over and above, to start with the tranquillity and the serenity that one experiences upon arrival at The Machan. The open architecture is one of the best. The minute attention and detailing given to the interiors and the food was "imba"! Overall if I had to rate this place and the experience it would definitely be 10/10. I couldn't think of a better place closer to Mumbai for our first Anniversary! Perfect ! Excellent ! Beautiful !

Veer Mehta

Our one day stay at the couple Forest Machan (F3) was as memorable as it could be. The hospitality and warmth showcased by the entire Machan team right from the time of check-in to the moment of check-out was really commendable. Loved the serene, forest like dwelling experience and with the tranquility remains the same. It was our first anniversary and we're really glad to spend it at The Machan. Looking forward to visiting again

Manish & Neetu

The second best day of my life. The firstly was my wedding and this aptly was the second best thing, that happens to be my first wedding anniversary. One thing for sure, take my reservation for all the anniversaries hereafter. Wishing candle was the best icing on the cake. And as they say, "Hats off!!" This is the place to be.


Date of Stay: 19th January - 20th January, 2014

MACHAN: Real place for rejuvenation of a person. Place is all about the warmth, love, care, passion nature, beauty, adaptability to use, innovation. Starts from two white-stones, fireplace, eye on detail of each place, fine nature trail with the passionate expert Rajesh. We enjoyed our stay. Will definitely spread the word amongst other like minded visitors. Room service, food excellent. Kudos to architect & owner for the thought of MACHAN.

Nivedita & Hemant

Date of Stay: 17th January - 19th January, 2014

We liked this beautiful place so much. All the facilities provided by the staff are excellent. The quality of food and the taste is excellent, staff is polite and also very good. So we really enjoyed our stay very well. We will be happy to come here again. Thank you to the entire Machan Team.

Pallavi & Kshitij

Date of Stay: 28th December - 30th December, 2013

To, whosoever going to read it... I have been to many places, Resorts, Hotels... But never seen such a beautiful place like the Machan. Talk about the property, talk about the rooms, talk about the food or about the SERVICE.. its all 10/10. A Beautiful Morning makes whole Day beautiful and Me & Shyam had 3 Beautiful Mornings & 3 Wonderful Days. Wish to visit this place in Monsoon. Just a suggestion if next time we visit can we have guitarist during dinner or some music. Soothing music being played during the meals. Wish could have stayed more. It was a lovely experience. Thanks for a wonderful service & nice people around. We will visit pretty soon

Swati & Shyam

Date of Stay: 27th December - 29th December, 2013

NO TV - great! Food 10/10 - simply tasty, minimalistic - just right Mr. Gadbad Singh made our evening of 27th - personalised yet not intrusive - (the wish kite did soar indeed - now waiting for them to materialise - LOL) Service Staff - 10/10 See if you can have a horse riding school here - Always wanted to learn that, You have the land and we the time !!!

Mihir Sose

Date of Stay: 24th September - 25th September, 2013

Me & My wife had a memorable stay at Forest Machan. We were greeted with light showers & added to the already awesome aura. The view from balcony deck of Machan is stupendous & just cannot keep out of our mind. The food is very good. Staff is very cordial. We had another surprise in store when my sis-in-law had arranged for welcome flower bouquet & had already paid for over lunch & dinner. A big thank you to Machan Team & my sis-in-law for making our trip a truly memorable one. Looking forward for another stay....

Anita & Sameer

Date of Stay: 22nd December - 24th December, 2013

The experience is mind blowing & priceless, it's a world within the world, relaxed & carefree. Loved it..all of us. The concept the location, this wild nature along with the luxury of modern world that one could have envisioned it is awe inspiring. And the hospitality is great, the service is polite & prompt... couldn't have asked for more. Would love to come again. Thanks..... for the experience

Akhil Goel

It was an awesome experience. We absolutely loved the 2 days spent together. It's a great place for those who need a break from the busy schedule. Food was good. This experience is very hard to explain... and would recommend Machan as the no. 1 destination in Lonavala Thank you Machan Team

Prashant Sasidharan

Date of Stay: 18th November - 19th November, 2013

It must have been Krishna's blessings that we came here. A reminder that life continues. Nature is like a teacher that reaffirms faith in life. At times it felt like a cradle and we slept peacefully, times it was a memory of rock solid foundation that our feet remained gripped to the ground undeterred by noises and distractions of the world. For me, my takeaways are many, like the climbers of the Forest. Every relationship needs climbers and more climbers, the more there are the more the strength. This experience remains incomplete without gratitude towards countless efforts of the team here. Views from the Canopy are like 360 degree journey into the canvas of beautiful life. Looking forward to coming here again.


Date of Stay: 1st October - 2nd October, 2013

It was a very random plan; Neha made the booking and we were a go. I didn't knew where we were joining, all I knew was it was somewhere in Lonavala. The place although unmarked was pretty easy to find via GPS. Welcomed by a very courteous staff our initial thoughts were wow. The place is just what we as a couple were looking for as we've been tired of the usual places around Mumbai. We stayed in Forest 1, the view, the weather was just breathtaking. Food is homecooked - North Indian which is perfect. They would oblige us with our special requests. On my wife's request they arranged dinner for us in the open and when we got back a complimentary dessert in the room. Although the area does not have good network coverage, the time spent here disconnected was worth every mail/phone call missed. Would like to thank the entire staff for working so hard and making our short stay so homely. A big thank you to the owners for their hospitality! This indeed is a home away from house. Thanks once again.

Neha & Manas

Date of Stay: 23rd September - 25th September, 2013

Nothing could have prepared us for the spectacular views fabulous location and beautiful Machans of Machan. We've just fallen in love with this place. Every Machan has been lovingly built with incredible attention to detail, which allows you to comnuine with nature, letting all the stress of city life fall away. The staff has been incredibly courteous and attentive. They have taken care of our every need without we even asking sometimes. Very impressed with the staff, the food and hospitality. We will surely be coming back soon. Please stay as special as you are!

Deepika Adhikari