Canopy Machan

Canopy Machan

Ramp Up The Romance In The Canopy Machan

Raised on platforms high above the forest floor with a panoramic view of the evergreen surroundings, the Canopy Machan is a beacon of tranquility. The glass façade adorning the Canopy Machan provides uninterrupted views of the lush greenery surrounding the property.
Each Canopy Machan is designed such that it offers our guests the utmost privacy. What’s more, the Canopy Machan also features a

bathtub on the private deck with a hammock on the other end, so all you have to do is kick back, relax and lay in the gentle embrace of nature at one of the most romantic resorts in Lonavala.
The Canopy Machans are one of our earliest offerings and as such have been designed keeping the vast expanse of the forest in mind so that you and your loved one can enjoy complete privacy with the sounds of nature at The Machan.

Each Canopy Machan has three sections

a) Master Bedroom b) Private Bathroom c) Private Deck

Perfect for: Our Canopy Machan is perfect for honeymooning couples and also for couples looking for a perfect getaway in the lap of nature.


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