Woods (Ground Based)

Woods (Ground Based)

Make Up For Lost Time At The Machan

Standing true to its name, the Woods is decked in a decadence of wood. A ground-based accommodation, this couple-friendly Machan is located a short walk away from the reception.
As you set foot in the Woods, you will notice that this accommodation is tastefully decorated with handpicked relics and artwork to create an authentic period feel. Even the solid brass light fixtures have been salvaged from ancient ships from an era gone by.

Since our property is cradled in the lap of nature, nights at The Machan can get pleasantly chilly. This is why the Woods category of The Machan is also equipped with a comfy fireplace, perfect to cozy up with your partner as the gentle sounds of the embers crackling lull you to a comfortable sleep.
The comforting features of the Woods are precisely why The Machan is one of the more preferred resorts for couples in Lonavala.

Each Woods has three sections

a) Master Bedroom b) Private Bathroom c) Private Deck

Perfect for: The Woods is perfect if you’re looking for a couple’s retreat in the form of a peaceful getaway from the noise of the city.


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