Heritage Machan

Built around a wild fig free towering above the forest floor, the Heritage Machan is a tree house that hangs over the edge of a precipice. Our guests love its unique architectural design, elegant interiors and the breathtaking views.
The Heritage Machan is designed as a family unit with an open plan. It has three distinctive sleeping areas on different levels, with two private full bathrooms. Its interiors are elegant and cosy, with each detail personally addressed to.

This Machan can comfortably accommodate four to six adults, and is perfect for families, couples or a group of friends.

Details of the Heritage Machan:

The Heritage Machan's 2,000 sqft. is split across –
a) The Main Deck & Dining area
b) The Hanging Room
c) The Loft
d) Two Full Baths
e) The Crow’s nest

Details & Amenities