Starlight Machan

Were you aware that bamboos flower at intervals as long as 65 years and for some species even 120 years? And did you know that the light from the Pole Star that you see today started its journey 433 years ago? Such questions and answers are truly inspired by a visit to our newest Starlight Machans.
Stepping onto the path towards the Starlight Machans, one can immediately feel the cooling effect of the thick canopy above and verdant foliage around. A short walk through the forest, heading towards the bamboo groves, an elevated bridge guides you right into your heavenly abode.
Bringing the ancient concept of a "star bed" to the modern era, our luxurious Starlight Machans literally have a translucent roof for guests to enjoy the pitter patter of the rains in the Monsoons and the starry night sky in the Winters & Summers. Each Starlight Machan is eclectically designed with its four-poster bed, antique writing table, stone topped bar et al. With stylish Iberian tiles even the bathrooms entice you to enjoy an outdoor rain shower or a romantic sunset soak in the bathtub on your private deck.

If you are looking to come as a group or a family, the cosy hanging room below the main deck makes for the perfect guest bedroom allowing this Machan to comfortably accommodate up to four adults.
Arguable the pièce de résistance of this Machan could be considered its inviting private plunge pool located right beneath it.
Our Starlight Machans are recommended for couples & families with older children (ages 12+).

Details of the Starlight Machan:

Each Luxurious Starlight Machan includes the following –
a) Main Deck with a transparent retractable roof (18 ft. by 22 ft.)
b) Hanging Room
c) Two Full Baths, an outdoor shower and a bathtub on the deck
d) Plunge Pool
e) Two Wooden Decks

Details & Amenities