Sunset Machan

Traipsing along an elevated wooden walkway through a thickly set grove of evergreen trees and shrubs, you finally arrive at our towering Sunset Machans.  Known for their unbelievable views at dusk, these individual lofted accommodations make for a peaceful and private getaway right in the heart of Nature.
Our Sunset Machans truly encapsulate the ethos of The Machan.  With glass walls that spy right through to the horizon, eclectic décor, a King sized four-poster bed, antique brass fittings and recycled old ship lamps, the rustic charm of the Sunset Machans will take your breath away. 

Each independently floating Sunset Machan is designed as a loft-suite. For larger families and groups, a short staircase leads up to the Loft which offers the benefit of an additional King size bed and its own attached full modern bath.
Our Sunset Machans are recommended for couples & larger families.

Details of the Sunset Machan:

Each Sunset Machan has three sections –
a) Master Bedroom
b) Loft
c) Two Full Baths
c) Wooden Deck

Details & Amenities