The hills provide unique and magical experiences at different times of the year. We welcome you at The Machan to experience each season at its best!

June - September

The monsoons are a magical time to visit the Machan. The lush valleys, abundant waterfalls, silver streams and misty winds are a sight to see and experience. Immerse yourself in the clouds that float into your private abode. Bhajiyas and masala chai will never taste better! The temperatures range between 22 - 30 degrees Celsius during the days, and 16 - 22 degrees Celsius during the evenings.

October - February

Winter brings its own charm. A change from Mumbai weather, the nights have a chill in the air while the days are pleasant. The campfires that we light nightly for our guests create a cozy atmosphere and provide an ideal venue for chit-chat before dinner. It is also the best time of year for star-gazing, as the sky is the clearest then. Temperatures range between 22 - 28 degrees Celsius during the days, and 7 - 22 degrees Celsius during the evenings.

March - May

The days of summer (Mar - May) could get warm during the afternoon, but under our thick forest canopy it is always pleasant. You will be sure to enjoy dining outdoors on a summer evening, and if you're lucky you could well be joined by hundreds of fireflies. Be sure to ask our staff why a firefly produces light! And, you will experience the blooming of the multitude of wild orchids on our property during this season. Also, birds are the most active then, as the weeks before the monsoons is nesting season. Temperatures range between 28 - 34 degrees Celsius during the days, and 22 - 26 degrees Celsius during the evenings.